“Why Doesn’t My Intent Match My Impact?
Developing Intercultural Competency with
an Internal Family Systems Lens”

Friday, April 7, 2023

9am-4:30pm Eastern Time (USA)

Live, interactive workshop on Zoom

Trainers: Jory Agate, LMHC, MDiv, & Fatimah Finney, LMHC

Workshop Description

Research documents how systemic oppression creates significant physical and mental health care disparities in marginalized populations. With in depth learning and ongoing commitment, mental health professionals can minimize these negative effects by providing effective treatment for people who are neglected and exploited in our culture. The challenges of being an effective helper in this context are significant due to the ways we are socialized. In addition, the expectation to enact expertise in our roles gets in the way of needed cross cultural humility. This results in iatrogenic effects in which therapeutic relationships inadvertently cause harm.

Join us for a day of learning that will help you work successfully with
people whose shoes you have not walked in.

We will:
define and explore how racism and other forms of structural oppression impact inner psychic systems
● enhance skills to approach clients in ways that improve overall mental health
● learn ways to improve intercultural communication skills to increase clinical success

Participants will learn the Intercultural Development Continuum, a model developed by Mitchell Hammer to help assess their abilities to navigate difference. Applying this model will provide tools to grow and develop better clinical skills to use in complex interpersonal terrain. By understanding the stages of intercultural development, participants will:
reflect on their growing edges in intercultural communication so they can improve their therapeutic capacity and
identify the best approach to meet clients in ways that enhance abilities to be open and receptive rather than rigid and defensive as they encounter difference.

We will explore how cultural perspectives impact the communication and conflict styles we bring to our work as well as how to effectively connect when encountering differences in the clinical setting.

Another approach that will be used to help mental health professionals work more effectively in this realm is the Internal Family Systems model. IFS is a non-pathologizing therapeutic model that allows individuals to greet the parts of themselves that are reactive to issues involving racism and oppression with compassion and curiosity, so they can be helped, healed and released from stuck patterns of behavior that constrain their best intentions and limit their world view and options for living well.

The workshop will be a mixture of didactic teaching, interactive activities, small and large group discussion, and internal reflection. We will create a learning community in which we will have time to sufficiently learn theoretical material as well as to interactively engage to apply what was learned, to wrestle with the concepts in action and to reflect on our growing edges.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees will learn to:

  1. Explain critical concepts including culture, diversity, race, ethnicity,inclusion, stereotypes, bias, prejudice, oppression and power.
  2. Identify a minimum of two challenges when encountering difference of identity with clients.
  3. Define a minimum of three ways to meet the needs of a variety of populations using practices from the Intercultural Development Continuum.
  4. Explain how their own cultural legacy related to issues of race and oppression impacts their effectiveness as mental health clinicians.
  5. Identify how to apply the 8 “C’s” of the Internal Family Systems model to decrease reactivity and overwhelm.
  6. Identify parts of themselves that interfere when encountering difference and describe how to use two IFS techniques to be less reactive.

Outline of Topics

Topics covered include:

  • The Importance of Cultural Competency & Developing Common Understanding of Critical Concepts and Terms Including: culture, diversity, race, ethnicity, inclusion, stereotypes, bias, prejudice, oppression, power
  • Defining the Basic Principles of IFS and Applying Those Ideas to Cross Cultural Capacity
  • Learning A Model for Understanding Diversity: The Intercultural Development Continuum
  • Our Own Journey Through Issues of Race and Difference: How it Impacts our Clinical Lens
  • What To Do When You Get Activated?: Using IFS Tools of Unblending and U-Turn When Engaging Difference
  • Application of the Intercultural Development Continuum in Clinical Work
    Reflections on What Has Been Learned & Statement of Personal Commitment

Intended audience: counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. Basic understanding of the Internal Family Systems model is highly suggested, but not a requirement.

Workshop Timetable/Agenda

Friday, April 7, 2023
9:00am-4:30pm Eastern Time

9:00am:     Welcome & Introductions
9:15am:     Creating the Container
9:45am:     Meditation
10:00 am:  Definitions
10:30 am:  Break
10:45am:   Identity Experiential
11:00am:   IFS and an Equity lens
11:30am:   Intercultural Communication
12:00pm:  Lunch
1:00pm:     Intercultural Development Continuum
2:30pm:     DEI experiential
3:00pm:     Break
3:15pm:     What to do when you get activated?
3:45pm:     Application to clinical work


Jory Agate, LMHC, MDiv., is a Certified Internal Family Systems therapist and trainer who has been actively engaged with the model for over a decade. In additional she is trained presenter for the Intercultural Development Continuum and is a certified administrator in the Intercultural Development Inventory. Jory has led trainings throughout the US and abroad on Internal Family Systems and Intercultural Competency. Jory comes to the field of psychotherapy after a 20-year career in Unitarian Universalist ministry that focused on providing training on youth, families, sexuality, leadership development, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion. In addition, she has a private practice that specializes in trauma, sexuality, parenting and relationships, in work with both individuals and couples. Fluent in American Sign Language, much of Jory’s practice serves the Deaf community.

Fatimah Finney, LMHC, is a serial goal-setter, lover of new ideas, and imaginative thinker. She is a certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapist and maintains a private practice serving BIPOC and young adults. As a facilitator and consultant, Fatimah supports individuals and organizations in building their capacity and skills for centering diversity, equity, and inclusion. She is a certified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory. Prior to her counseling and consulting practice, Fatimah spent the majority of her career providing in-home therapy to children, adolescents and adults serving in direct care and clinical leadership roles. Through her work in community mental health settings, Fatimah cultivated a strong commitment to helping therapists increase their cultural competence and clinical fluency with diverse populations.

Continuing Education Information

Participants are eligible for 6 clock hours of Continuing Education credit

Full attendance of live event is required. Participants must have their video on and be in front of their video so attendance can be verified.

This workshop will not be recorded.

Licensed professionals should contact their regulatory board to determine course approval, unless indicated below.

Why Doesn’t My Intent Match My Impact? Developing Intercultural Competence with an Internal Family Systems Lens is approved as a live offering for 6 CEUs meeting the ETHICS REQUIREMENT by the State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist Board: “Board Approval #MSCT04238580

Why Doesn’t My Intent Match My Impact? Developing Intercultural Competence with an Internal Family Systems Lens has been approved by NBCC for 6 Continuing Education credits. Multiplicity of the Mind Training Institute is solely responsible for all aspects of the program. NBCC Approval No. SP-4089.

This workshop has been approved by the IFS Institute for 6 CEs for Level 1 Trained IFS Therapists and Practitioners to use towards IFS certification/recertification.

Registration Information

Registration Fee: $199 USD

During a training event, the trainer responsible for conducting the training has the authority to address any concerns that arise during the actual training. Every effort will be made to address the concerns during the training.


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