The following policies apply to Multiplicity of the Mind Training Institute only.

(Appleton Counseling & Consultation maintains its own policies and are presented in the new client intake paperwork, and can be requested at anytime.)

Cancellation and Refunds

American Disability Act

Complaints and Grievances

The goal at Multiplicity of the Mind Training Institute is to provide an effective learning experience for all participants. If you have a problem with registration-related difficulties, course content, promotional or educational materials, workshop site, facilities, technological resources, or any other course-related issues, you are expected to discuss them directly with the training team as soon as possible. All grievances of this nature are addressed by having conversations aimed at achieving a fair and balanced outcome for all involved.

All complaints and grievances shall be presented in writing to Katie Wine-Appleton, Founder, Multiplicity of the Mind Training Institute, at with “Grievance” in the subject line. A confirmation email will be provided within 24 hours of receipt of the email. All complaints and grievances are reviewed within 5 working days.

During a training event, the trainer responsible for conducting the training has the authority to address any concerns that arise during the actual training. Every effort will be made to address the concerns during the training.

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